About Vinyl Squeeze

Welcome music lovers!

We are a physical store based in Adelaide that is now moving online as well.

We have over 500,000 titles available on

Not all stock is available in our physical store (if so we'd need 10 stores) but we have a supplier that will fill these orders (if in stock) within 7-15 days!

AND our postage rates are quite good!

We do our best to get your music to you as quickly and efficiently as possible!



I have always loved listening to music.  From the age of 6, I used to sit in my room for hours on end playing vinyl records.  I used to make up my own top 10 from my 45s that I used to buy (from saving my lunch money!).

Music became a way of life for me at an early age, and I was keen to discover anything new.  My idol was Weird Al Yankovic, I would listen to his parodies and source the original artist, which opened me up to a whole new world of music.

I used to tell people that "one day I will have my own record store".  Now, some 30 years later it has finally happened!

The name "Vinyl Squeeze' comes from the accordion, also called a squeezebox, which Weird Al sometimes plays. 

It was my vision that I wanted a store and website that gave people a choice in music and catered to all genres, tastes and eras, and for everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in the store and enjoy an easy browsing experience online.

Thanks for visiting Vinyl Squeeze. 

Craig Siviour (Proud record store owner and Weird Al freak)