About Vinyl Squeeze

Welcome music lovers!

I have always loved listening to music.  From the age of 6, I used to sit in my room for hours on end playing vinyl records.  I used to make up my own top 10 from my 45s that I used to buy (from saving my lunch money!).

Music became a way of life for me at an early age, and I was keen to discover anything new.  My idol was Weird Al Yankovic, I would listen to his parodies and source the original artist, which opened me up to a whole new world of music.

I used to tell people that "one day I will have my own record store".  Now, some 30 years later it has finally happened!

The name "Vinyl Squeeze' comes from the accordion, also called a squeezebox, which Weird Al sometimes plays. 

It was my vision that I wanted a store and website that gave people a choice in music and catered to all genres, tastes and eras, and for everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in the store, and I think that I have achieved this.

Thanks for visiting Vinyl Squeeze. 

Craig Siviour (Proud record store owner and Weird Al freak)