Shipping & Returns


Faulty products: Sometimes products are faulty when manufactured. They can also be damaged in transit. It's a bummer, but it happens. If this happens to you make sure that you contact us as within 10 days of receiving the item. We will work out details on how to return it.  If you purchased in store you can drop back in or give us a call. 
Exchange: If you buy something and it's not quite what you wanted or expected then we can help you find something else. Contact us by email within 10 days.  If you purchased in store you can drop back in or give us a call. 

Email Craig:



As we are a very small business, we cannot carry all 300,000+ titles in our physical store. (as stated in our shipping terms on the website).


If an item says add to cart, it means it is in stock in our warehouse overseas. Not necessarily in store.

Our ADD TO CART means our online suppler has in their warehouse!

We generally fill most orders between 10-18 days!
Sometimes of course, there are supplier issues, or delivery delays!

The day we get your order is the day we ship it!

Your order is safe with us!!
If you need something urgently, please email us to see if we have it stock or if it needs to come from the online supplier.